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original composition "Arabian Town"

original composition "Baghdad Dungeon"


- online MMORPG game called "Silk Road" serviced by game company Joymax in 2012

original composition "Night"


- mobile game called "Venezia Story"

published by Netmarble in 2012

original composition "Chest"

original composition "Treasure"

original composition "Starting Journey"


- online web slot game called "Tresure Island"

 serviced by game company Quad Dimensions in 2011

original composition "Snow Mountain"

original composition "Moonlight Pub

original composition "Boss Battle"


- Nintendo wii game called "Dungeon and Fighters"

 by Skonec Entertainment.

original composition "Bog" 

original composition " Snow Forest"


- mobile game called "9 Heroes"

serviced by game company 9 Factory in 2012

original composition "Fatalis Temple Boss Battle" 


- online MMORPG game called "Howling Sword"

   serviced by game company ESTsoft in 2011

original composition "waiting mtt"

original composition "lobby"  


- Facebook casino game called "VNH Poker"

 serviced by game company Socialinus in 2012

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