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 "The Immortal Beloved" 


composition for "European Night" event, fall 2009, Union building on Duquesne University campus.  

The lyrics adopted from Beethoven's love letter to The Immortal Beloved.

working on pro tools, VSTi sound.

Soprano : Marcia Jacobs
Baritone : Alex Barker

"Chasing Stars"


composition for graduate concert 2003 Seoul, South Korea


Vocal : Kyungwon Seo

Piano : Sunyoung Choi

Guitar : Yoonchul Park

Bass : Kyungjin Um

Drum : Younghoon Kwon

Recording and Mixing : Kyunghwan Lee

"Where Are You?"


composition for "Composer's Night" concert 2010, PNC Recital Hall, Pittsburgh


Vocal : Marcia Jacobs

Piano : Sunyoung Choi

Guitar : Eric Fischer

Bass Guitar : Adam Hyjek

Drum : Mike Elliott

Recording : Mike Elliott & Mike Dorman

Mixing : Mike Elliott

"Boundary Line"


composition for school concert in 2005


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